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Wendy is extremely friendly, which makes for a very relaxed,  comfortable and friendly atmosphere. My double helix piercing didn't hurt and was pierced so fast and well executed it ended before I even knew it began. They also healed really well, unlike my other triple piercing which I got from a local piercing shop, where I ended up with lumps.  Totally looking forward to going back for my next piercing and pretty damn good affordable prices too!  Overall very professional.


I was quite nervous before I had my ear pierced but Wendy made me feel calm and relaxed. I love my new piercing and have already recommended a friend.

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I was concerned about having my nose pierced because of my diabetes, however the piercing was straight forward and due to the titanium jewellery used, I didn't suffer any infection.


I have had a few piercings done before but this one felt the most relaxed. I was nervous about getting my belly button pierced but I was put at ease and the piercing was quite straight forward. Wendy also did my friend's belly button.


I had my scaffolding and ear lobe pierced, it was painful but I am really pleased with the result.

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