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About our company

We are not a 9 'til 5 service - we can offer you flexibility at a time that suits you. We are available most evenings. We offer high quality, above the waist body piercing by a fully qualified piercer. The piercing can take place in the comfort of your own home should you prefer. The procedure is carried out using sterile, single use equipment. The technique and jewellery used help to minimise the risk of infections and complications.  We are trained to the highest level and follow strict, cross infection guidelines.


Our services

We offer a number of piercing services at competitive prices. All our piercings are carried out with high quality titanium jewellery. Please note that under 16s must have parental consent. Photographic ID may be required if the piercer is in doubt about your age.


Ears, Tongues, Nipples and Navels: £20

Dermal anchors and skin divers: £30

Surface piercings, Scaffold / industrial and Stretchers: £25


We only pierce above the waist. We can also give a discount for more than one piercing - ask about discounts when you enquire. Why not enquire about having a piercing party? For a personalised quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us by simply clicking here.

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Tocolo Ltd